Web Advisory Council

The UBC Web Advisory Council (WAC) is an advisory group chaired by Communications and Marketing. The role of WAC is to provide feedback and recommendations on web initiatives that serve the interests of the University as a whole. To meet these goals, WAC assists in the following ways:

  • identify challenges and recommend ways to continually improve the UBC CLF (Common Look and Feel) Web Templates;
  • provide expertise on all aspects of web design and development including: best practices, usability, accessibility, search engine optimization, content management systems, analytics, etc.; and
  • contribute and make recommendations on university-wide web strategies.


Members of the Web Advisory Council include representatives from a diverse range of academic and administrative units from both Vancouver and Okanagan campuses:

  • CTLT (Centre for Teaching and Learning Technologies)
  • Communications and Marketing
  • Faculty of Arts
  • Faculty of Forestry
  • Faculty of Graduate Studies
  • Faculty of Medicine
  • Faculty of Science
  • Information Technology
  • Information Technology, Media and Classroom Services, Okanagan
  • International Student Initiatives
  • Library
  • Student Communications Services
  • University Relations, Okanagan


  • The Web Advisory Council is chaired by Communications and Marketing.
  • Members are invited to participate with the understanding that they each contribute unique perspectives as well as technical areas of expertise to the group as a whole. It is important to note however, that while there will be opportunities to provide feedback on the challenges specific to the respective units represented on the council, the primary focus for the Web Advisory Council is to serve the interests of the university as a whole.
  • Discussions may be technical in nature, and this is reflected in the Council’s members.
  • On occasion, guests are invited to attend WAC meetings to provide updates or input on specific areas of expertise.
  • The Web Advisory Council is an advisory group and not a decision-making group; Communications and Marketing ultimately holds responsibility for all final decisions. Recommendations provided by WAC, however, weigh strongly in the decision-making process alongside other considerations such as direction from the Brand Council, as well as feedback from UBC’s Executive Steering Committee.


Meetings offer members a forum to provide feedback on improving UBC’s web presence, share ideas on the future direction of web technologies, and look for opportunities to collaborate to foster an open university community. At this time, WAC meetings are called “as needed.”


All members of the council are expected to commit to attend meetings. In the event that a member is unable to attend a meeting, we ask that a replacement not be sent in the interest of saving time and preserving continuity.

Members may also be tasked with action items to be completed outside of regular meeting times. For example, members may be asked to provide an analysis of other university websites to be presented for discussion at a regularly scheduled meeting.