Video Production Checklist

Contracts and Agreements
If you are hiring an external video production company, you need to provide Supply Management with a signed contract / agreement that includes the following:

  • Name of production company
  • Department, faculty, or group involved with production
  • Content / script
  • Location permit (see below)
  • Insurance certificate (see below)
  • All contact info (emergency and otherwise)

Please contact Supply Management for UBC-vetted contracts and agreements.

A minimum $2 million certificate must be provided to UBC Supply Management with UBC named as “additional insured” for the days of the shoot.

Please contact Arlene Chan, Marketing and Project Manager, UBC Supply Management, and notify your intent to film on UBC’s Vancouver campus, in order to check for any conflicts.

  • You will be provided with contact information for the individual(s) responsible for the location you wish to use. It is your responsibility to contact them in advance for permission to film inside the building.
  • In some cases you will need to sign a separate contract and pay for additional costs such as security, climate control, lighting during the shoot (e.g. Chan Centre, MOA etc.) 

We advise that you complete your location request a week prior to shooting in order to avoid scheduling conflicts with other film productions or campus-related activities. Failure to properly secure a location may result in Campus Security shutting down the production.

Parking a production vehicle in a non-designated parking space requires a special permit from the Marketing and Project Manager and UBC Parking and Access Control. Clearly visible parking cones must be put around any production vehicles not in a marked parking space.

Placement of Filming Equipment
Filming equipment (e.g. cameras, tracks, props, generators, and electrical cords) must be set up according to industry / union best practices so as not to create safety hazards.

  • Film crews must take steps to ensure that the placement of such equipment does not result in tripping hazards, fire hazards, blocked exits, or other safety concerns.
  • Layout board is required on top of all flooring surfaces when using cranes, dollies, heavy tripods, or similar film equipment.
  • Prior approval must be secured if using any type of crane. All cranes must be coned off with caution tape around them.
  • In all cases, mats or other cable coverings must be used when cables are laid out across a walkway or in a hallway.

Construction and Modifications
Do not drill, nail, glue, or alter any campus property in any manner without permission from UBC’s Marketing and Project Manager. If permission is granted, you must return property to its original state unless other arrangements have been made with UBC Supply Management.

Crew Behaviour
Personnel connected with the production must conduct themselves professionally. Individuals displaying behaviour that is deemed disruptive or offensive to the UBC community will be asked to leave campus.

Supply Management will inform the community of your shoot as needed, on its website.