Video can be a very compelling way to share UBC’s stories with our audiences. These digital video guidelines were created to ensure that the content produced on behalf of the university adheres to best practices, and:

  1. To ensure that the quality of digital video content reflects UBC’s status as a Tier One international research university.
  2. To ensure that delivery specifications conform to the technical specifications now being implemented by UBC IT for archiving, distributing, and broadcasting / streaming digital media.
  3. To advance the UBC Brand by establishing brand standards as they apply to digital video content, including typeface, colour palette, intros, and stings, etc.
  4. To protect UBC and its employees from undue liability and / or legal action that may arise from the production and distribution of digital video programming.

These guidelines are intended to provide guidance, support, and resources to UBC units and departments producing digital video content about the university. They do not apply to videos produced by faculty or students as part of academic research or coursework, or to commercial productions shooting on our campus. Student and commercial productions are asked to follow the procedures set out by Supply Management.

UBC Studios will soon offer free workshops on video production to assist units in meeting these guidelines.