UBC Social Media Channels

UBC’s social media landscape includes hundreds of channels on a wide range of topics. A complete list of these channels is available on the UBC Wiki.

The following UBC channels are intended to represent the university as a whole, and to connect users to other related UBC channels.

UBC Blogs and UBC Wiki

UBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning and Technology (CTLT) administers the central UBC Blogs system based on the WordPress platform, and maintains the central UBC Wiki site, to which all members of the UBC community are welcome to contribute content. If you need information or assistance in setting up a blog, please contact CTLT.


Central news channels: @ubcnews and @ubconews

@ubcaplaceofmind includes lists such as:

UBC Units

Profs who tweet

List of UBC Twitter accounts


Main University page

List of UBC Facebook accounts


Central LinkedIn page


Main University channel

Brand channel – playlists feed into the a place of mind community site

List of UBC YouTube accounts


Main University page


Main University channel