Social Media Profile Avatars

Avatars are the key way organizations identify themselves in social media. In just a few pixels we need to communicate not only UBC, but the specific unit the channel or page refers to. The system below provides a unifying look to UBC avatars, while ensuring that units can still clearly identify themselves, including the use of unit colours. By all UBC channels using these avatars, we create a much more consistent, coordinated, and professional presence for the university in social media. These avatars work in concert with other aspects of your social channels, including your profile or page name, as well as the social media background templates.

Required For:

  • All social media profiles (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google Plus) that are managed on an official basis by a UBC faculty, department, program, centre, or office

Not To Be Used For:

  • Personal social media profiles or social media profiles of individuals

 Social Media Avatar Guidelines

Twitter avatar (new) Facebook avatar Instagram avatar YouTube avatar LinkedIn avatar Google Plus circular avatar 
Avatar preview Twitter avatar Facebook Avatar Sample Instagram avatar preview YouTube Avatar Sample LinkedIn Avatar Google Plus Circular Avatar Preview
Avatar size  400 x 400px   180 x 180px 110 x 110px  90 x 90px 65 x 65px 120 x 120 px display size
250 x 250 px file size
Please note the file provided is square and
it becomes circular once uploaded on Google Plus.
UBC ID Required
Background: UBC Blue
Unit ID Required
Unit brand colour or UBC Grey.
No images, gradients or patterns.


Request A Custom Social Media Avatars Package For Your Department/Unit

Please fill out the form below and you will receive a customized avatars package at the email address provided.
  • Please note: - If the unit name is long, ‘School of’, ‘Department of’ or ‘Faculty of’ might be removed (e.g. ‘Department of Anthropology’ will become ‘Anthropology’) - The unit name might be abbreviated, if needed (e.g. ‘Information Technology’ will become ‘IT’)
  • If your unit does not have a custom colour already, the UBC grey (PMS 5405) will be used.