Social Media Profile Page Backgrounds

Background Image

Three Options

NEW Images Available

  • 1500px x 500px (min.)
  • Abstract, simple, photorealistic (not illustrated): Abstract photographs can be simple and minimalist, often isolating a certain subject or element. They communicates primarily through form, colour, and shape rather than image detail. These should be photorealistic images (not illustrated) without distracting elements.
  • Recommendation: Tile the image (preferred), or apply a solid colour around the image.

Unit Brand Colour

  • One solid colour, without gradients or patterns

UBC Blue

  • RGB: R0 G51 B102
  • Hex: #003366


The Social Media Profile Page Sidebars are intended to provide a quick visual reference that informs users of a Unit’s various social media channels. The Sidebar is meant to be incorporated into the background used in the social media channel.

Two Options

Option 1: Social Channel Sidebar – Specifications

Option 2: Identity Sidebar – Specifications

The Identity Sidebar is an alternate sidebar template that may be used in place of the Social Channel Sidebar. The Identity Sidebar includes only the UBC Logo and Unit Logo (if applicable).

Placement in the Background Image