Personal Use

The lines between personal and professional use can be blurred in social networks. An employee’s personal social networking site(s) should remain personal in nature and should be used to share personal opinions. This ensures a distinction between sharing personal views and posting communications that represent the university.

Employees shouldn’t use their UBC email account or password, or UBC’s logo, ceremonial crest, or other trademarks, for a personal social networking site. During normal business hours, employees may use personal social networking as long as those communications do not interfere with their work, as per Policy 104 and Policy 97.


Do not use the UBC name to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause, or political candidate. Representation of your personal opinions as institutionally endorsed by UBC is strictly prohibited.

Be Authentic

In personal posts, you may identify yourself as a UBC faculty or staff member. However, please be clear that you are sharing your personal views as a member of the higher education community, not as a formal representative of UBC. If you discuss higher education on your own social media site, we suggest you include a disclaimer on your profile page: “The views expressed on this [blog, website] are mine alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of The University of British Columbia.”


Think carefully about what information you share online and familiarize yourself with privacy settings to restrict personal information on otherwise public accounts. Also be aware of the limited protection this provides. Consider the long-term implications of accepting requests to “friend” or “follow” others, etc., as doing so may share private or confidential information, or misrepresent a relationship with a colleague or student.


Please keep in mind that the updates you post on your personal social media accounts are potentially accessible by others within your professional community. Avoid posting information that could reflect poorly on you or your colleagues.