Working with our Brand

There are countless opportunities to deliver brand messages. A sign on a wall, a speech, a strategic business decision, a few words with a journalist: every day is filled with opportunities to either reinforce your brand or stray perilously away from it.

Few organizations have as many diverse audiences as a university, and possibilities for inconsistency are multiplied. So are the opportunities to reinforce a compelling idea. This section of the website provides general guidelines as well as specific directions for how to incorporate the UBC Brand into your communications projects.

UBC Trademarks

The Office of the University Counsel is responsible for managing UBC’s trademark and official mark portfolio. All third-party requests to use the registered trademark of UBC must receive written consent from the Office of University Counsel.

Need Help?

UBC Communications and Marketing is available to consult on a wide variety of brand issues, from overall brand management to print design to web and social media. See About Communications and Marketing for more information.