Sustainability Signatures

1. Formal Signature

The Sustainability Formal Signature is available for formal applications where the full name of the university is required. It should be used in all external facing applications, for example, major institutional and international initiatives, conference sponsorship, formal documents, etc.

UBC Sustainability formal signature

2. Short Name

The Sustainability Short Name signature is available for less formal communications with internal and external audiences who are familiar with and/or who recognize UBC.

UBC Sustainability short name

3. Short Name with Ripple Effect

The ripples have been added to animate the core signature, the first and largest ripple emerges from the dot in the final ‘i’ in the word sustainability.

This signature is intended primarily for internal communications efforts in which it is desirable to highlight the fact that certain initiatives—for example, waste stations, bike lockers, electric vehicles and their charging stations—are part of UBC’s campus-wide efforts in sustainability.

In certain cases, it may be desirable to use this signature on external-facing documents where the formal signature also appears (for example, the formal signature is used on the front cover of a publication; the short name with ripple effect is used on the back cover).

UBC Sustainability short name with ripple effect

4. Sub-Identity Signature

A custom signature is available for units to align their unit name with sustainability, only when it is absolutely necessary to identify the unit. As this is custom-ordered with your unit name, please order through IT Creative Media Services.

UBC Sustainability sub-identity signature

Clear Space

To ensure maximum impact allow a minimum safety area or clear space around the UBC Sustainability Signatures. The space surrounding the signature will visually protect it from infringement by other text and graphic elements in the layout. Please refer to the specific requirements in the diagrams below.

UBC Sustainability unit signature clear space

UBC Sustainability short name signature clear space

UBC Sustainability ripple effect signature clear space

UBC Sustainability sub-identity signature clear space

Variations of the Signatures

Positive Application

UBC Sustainability signatures are available in the UBC Brand institutional colours:

  • Black
  • UBC Blue
  • UBC Greys (PMS 5400 range)
  • UBC Green

Reverse Application
All signatures may be reversed in white out of solid black, UBC Blue, UBC Grey or UBC Green. While these are the preferred colours, the UBC signature may also be reversed in white out of any colour with a value equivalent of a 60% black. This will ensure sufficient contrast between the signature and the background field.