Sustainability Criteria

Criteria for using UBC Sustainability Assets

Generally, projects for which it is appropriate to use the UBC sustainability signatures must contribute to the advancement of sustainability. Strong sustainability projects address more than one of three areas of sustainability: environmental, social and economic.

Specifically, criteria include:

Energy and GHG Emissions

  • Reduces UBC’s energy use
  • Promotes use of alternative energy sources


  • Enhances food security
  • Contributes to human health or eco-health
  • Encourages food sovereignty/justice
  • Creates local food loop


  • Enhances biodiversity


  • Contributes to campus zero waste (recycling, reduction, reuse)
  • Contributes to closed loop waste management


  • Reduces UBC’s ecological footprint
  • Improves human well being
  • Increases awareness and participation in sustainability
  • Promotes sustainable behaviours that support the above
  • Promotes process changes that support the above

If you have other examples of criteria that you feel should be on this list, please forward to