Sustainability Communications Guidelines

The Look of UBC Sustainability

Sustainability is a unifying and inspiring concept that brings together a great deal of the work we do at UBC. Significant successes in both our academic and operational efforts illustrate UBC’s global leadership in sustainability.

Given these successes, we have a powerful opportunity to tell our sustainability story through the development and delivery of a cohesive communications strategy.

To support our collective efforts, we have developed specific sustainability criteria, a creative platform and downloadable assets that support university-wide sustainability communications, ensuring a consistent, compelling and integrated approach.

We also know that when our external audiences see UBC sustainability, they don’t differentiate between our internal units, programs and departments. With the creation of a simple visual device and sustainability signatures, it immediately identifies the content as UBC sustainability, raising the profile and credibility as a university-wide theme.

The UBC sustainability visual strategy was designed to:

  1. Share the UBC sustainability story in ways that engage and inspire target audiences.
  2. Reflect “Tier One” quality through messaging and creative.
  3. Align with the UBC Brand.
  4. Scale across diverse print and digital media channels.