Centennial Brand Downloads

Download UBC Centennial files:

The guidelines of how to incorporate the Centennial campaign logo with the CLF and publication bar will follow at a later date.

For any questions regarding the Centennial campaign identity, please contact comm.marketing@ubc.ca.

For general questions about the Centennial itself, please contact the Centennial offce: gerald.calderon@ubc.ca.

Permitted Use of the Centennial Campaign Identity

UBC related communities such as “alumni, students and emeriti” are granted non-exclusive, royalty free use of the Centennial campaign identity to promote the  UBC Centennial and related events running from September 2015 until June 2016, in accordance with the UBC Centennial Campaign Identity Guidelines.

Notwithstanding, UBC will continue to reserve any rights to and enforce its trade-marks, logos and crests by third parties under Policy #110 (Third Party Use of University Trade-Marks) as governed through the Office of the University Counsel, including any Centennial Campaign identity usage which is non-compliant with this permitted use statement.

Internal use of the Centennial campaign identity by UBC staff or faculty will continue to be regulated by Policy #94 (Visual Identity) as governed by Communications & Marketing.