Key Messages

Key Messages

These messages are related to the UBC Brand Platform’s values and are used here to guide the way we write about this place and all that distinguishes UBC.

  • Globally Respected: truly reflective of a Tier One institution ranking among the top 35 universities worldwide, UBC is esteemed and accomplished
  • Bold: our approach to learning and problem-solving is daring and audacious, encouraging bright minds to tackle difficult questions and take on tough challenges
  • Open: we are welcoming and supportive, providing an environment that fosters new ideas, critical thought and innovative approaches
  • Adventurous: tied to the pioneering mentality of the west coast and the inspiring, rugged outdoors of our campus locations, we embrace a sense of courageous critical thinking; this curiosity should challenge and lead us to open doors into new and unexplored territory;
  • Fun: our approach to openness and trying new things should always be as engaging, bold, interactive and memorable as possible
  • Globally Aware: we are inclusive and intercultural, striving for awareness and understanding on a global scale
  • Connected: we are globally engaged and integrated, forging strong ties with the communities we serve locally, nationally and internationally;

For simple, short and on-message promotional copy, we will often use this:

UBC is an inspiring place, where open thought and open speech can open doors to thinking that can change the world. UBC is a place of mind.

Positioning Statement

UBC is a Tier One international research-intensive university that, better than any other, offers a fresh, open environment that provides the freedom to learn, discover and contribute in one’s own way.