Writing the Brand

At its heart, UBC’s brand is meant to capture the mindset of openness to fresh, bold, new ways of thinking across our campuses. It’s an outlook inspired by UBC’s sense of place that is heightened by the spectacular nature around us and the innovative nature found in the West.

Telling UBC’s Stories

Every UBC unit has people who are doing amazing things. Look for the ones whose stories speak to the brand attributes of openness, boldness, global connections, inspiration, etc., who exemplify the kind of person you’d expect to find at a Tier One university. Look for people whose activities are addressing questions of global importance.

Show how their achievements could only have happened in a place that fosters a willingness to take bold risks, to try new things, and to act on the tough questions.

Ask them how they came to choose UBC as a place to study or work. After all, they could have chosen to go anywhere in the world. Why this place?

Writing Style

Use a writing style that is itself open and easily accessible to your audience. Ensure the message about openness is implicit and resonates with your audience.

Tone can be conversational yet bold, familiar yet thought-provoking, uncluttered and professional.

Is It Tier One?

UBC is on a world stage. Our ideas are big, and they have a global impact, even when they are applied in local communities.

If you can’t say your communication befits a Tier One status, rethink it.

That’s the lens through which we’d expect our internal writers and communications staff, as well as our external agencies, vendors, photographers, and designers to hold themselves to.

What Not to Do

What not to do when writing the brand:

  • Do not misuse or adapt the tagline a place of mind or campaign line from here
  • Don’t be too jargon-heavy and technical
  • Do not use the traditional “Tuum Est” motto or “it is yours” to replace the university’s tagline “a place of mind”.