Signature Construction and Clear Space


This signature construction diagram indicates alignments and spatial relationships among the system elements based upon the UBC logo as a unit of measure. Signatures are available 
for most standard print and digital applications. UBC signature configurations are available as UBC brand artwork 
for download online in pdf, eps, png and gif formats.

The UBC signatures cannot be modified by reconstruction or distortion through scaling. Any exceptions or changes, should they be required, are at the discretion of UBC Communications and Marketing.

Positive Signature 

UBC ignatures in the positive form are available only in 
the colour combinations as provided: UBC Blue, UBC Grey, UBC Gold and Black.

Reverse Signature
All signatures can be reversed in white out of solid Black, UBC Blue, or UBC Grey. While these are the preferred colours, the UBC signature may be reversed out of any colour with a value equivalent of a 60% black screen in order to ensure sufficient contrast between the signature and the background field.

Clear space

To ensure maximum impact of the UBC signatures, allow a minimum safety area or clear space around the artwork. White space surrounding the signature will visually protect it from infringement by other text and graphic elements in the layout. As shown in the diagram, clear space should be equivalent to or greater than 50% of the UBC logo width (shown as x).


Minimum width

Please note: The minimum width for the UBC Full Signature is 2 inches. And the minimum width for the UBC Basic Signature is 1 inch.