Full Signature

The UBC Full Signature is used for formal applications where the full name of the university is required, such as major institutional and international initiatives. Please note: the minimum width for the UBC Full Signature is 2 inches.

Basic Signature

The UBC Basic Signature is a less formal version and is used for internal audiences and those who are already familiar with and those who recognize the UBC Brand. Please note: the minimum width for the UBC Basic Signature is 1 inch.

Narrow Signature

The Narrow Signature has been created to insure readability in space-restricted applications and environments, such as web banner ads.

It is not to be used in place of the Full (wide) Signature. Please contact Communications and Marketing to request a copy of the Narrow Signature and to discuss the intended usage.


Brand Basic and Full Signatures

Adaptations are not permitted under any circumstance. This includes separating elements of the signatures, changing the typeface or colour, or scaling and distorting the signatures.

UBC Signature Dos and Don'ts

Unit Signatures

UBC Brand Unit Signatures should not be modified or altered. Units are encouraged to use these signatures rather than unit-level sub-identities or logos.

UBC Unit Signature Dos and Don'ts

Promotional Signature

The UBC Logo Signature is available for promotional applications where the UBC Logo is sufficient to identify the university. It provides a strong and immediate visual shorthand for the university and it includes the Tagline. Please note: The minimum width for the UBC Promotional Signature is 1 1/4 inches.


While use of the UBC Logo Signature is strongly recommended. In cases where the size of the Tagline may appear too small in the application, or where there is redundancy, the UBC Logo may be selected as the most appropriate signature for use. One example of a where the UBC Logo can be used is on application that incorporate the UBC Brand Short Name SignaturePlease note: The minimum width for the UBC Logo Signature is 1/2 inch.