Institutional Typeface

The Hoeffler & Frère-Jones font “Whitney” is the institutional typeface used in all UBC Brand Signatures. When preparing communication materials that include the core UBC Brand elements, it is not necessary for units to purchase the font. Vector artwork is available for all the current UBC Brand Signatures as reproduction files in PDF, EPS, PNG and GIF formats that can be downloaded at UBC Signatures and Logos.

Institutional Applications

The use of Whitney for typography (other than within the UBC Brand elements) is suggested for formal communications where a strong institutional look is required. This would generally include major institutional, national, and international communication opportunities for the university.

General Typography

It would pose a significant challenge to restrict all the communication materials generated by the university to only one typeface. Apart from the logistical challenge, it would restrict the ability of units to create fresh, responsive, and relevant marketing materials for specific audiences. For this reason, typography in print materials need not be restricted to use of the Whitney type family. However, communication designers are encouraged to use handsome typography and the Whitney typeface as the first choice, or sans serif where appropriate to the project.

Desktop Licenses

UBC has free license packages of Whitney Basic for desktop (12 styles) available to all UBC faculties and units. The Open Type font format is suitable for both Macintosh and Windows platforms.

Submit a request for the desktop font

For external consultants, the Whitney font family is available for purchase online through the Hoeffler & Frère-Jones Foundry.

Web Licenses

The Whitney web font is available at no cost to all UBC websites with the CLF (Common Look & Feel) Templates. The web font is only available to UBC departments whose websites: 

  • use a *.ubc.ca subdomain (e.g. hr.ubc.ca or science.ubc.ca), and 
  • employ the UBC CLF (Common Look and Feel) Templates.

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