The UBC Tagline a place of mind holds the central role in establishing and anchoring the new UBC Brand. It is an integral part of all UBC signatures and invites audiences to envision UBC as a place of mind. The tagline encapsulates the positioning strategy and keeps communication on message.

The UBC tagline a place of mind is a deliberately evocative and emotional statement that stands out among those made by most universities, most of whom are concerned with rearranging expressions of excellence, achievement, success and tradition. It succinctly emphasizes the unique ability of UBC’s location to lead the mind to new places.

When referring to UBC’s tagline within written copy it should be lower case and italicized. Adaptations of UBC’s tagline are not permitted under any circumstance. This includes separating elements of the tagline, adapting the tagline, capitalizing a place of mind, changing the typeface or colour, or scaling and distorting the tagline.

What NOT to do when writing the brand:

  • Do not misuse or adapt the tagline a place of mind or campaign line from here
  • Don’t be too jargon-heavy and technical
  • Do not use the traditional “Tuum Est” motto or “it is yours” to replace the university’s tagline “a place of mind”.