Policy & Governance

The university’s visual identity is made up of many elements, including but not limited to its name, typeface, initials, tagline, specified colours and logo, as well as their relationship to design formats and applications for printed and electronic materials.

The consistent use of these elements enhances the university’s reputation, builds visual recognition, reduces design inefficiencies, and demonstrates organizational purpose and accountability. Guidelines for use also prevent other parties from trading improperly upon the university’s reputation or infringing upon its trademarked assets.

All third-party requests to use registered trade-mark of The University of British Columbia must receive written consent from the Office of University Counsel.

Visual Identity Policy

In May 2003, UBC’s Board of Governors approved a Visual Identity Policy, which is currently being updated to reflect the UBC Brand.

An electronic version of UBC’s Visual Identity Policy is available on the Office of the University Counsel website.

UBC Brand Policy

The office of UBC Communications and Marketing manages the oversight and project management of the UBC Brand. In the absence of new standards for specific uses, please refer to the UBC Visual Identity Policy as the default resource.

For additional assistance with UBC Brand artwork and applications, contact:

UBC Communications & Marketing
604 822 4636

Governance Groups

A number of internal working groups have collaborated on the original brand idea, subsequent rollout, and continued refinement of UBC Brand resources.

  • UBC Strategic Marketing Council – a group at the Executive Director or Associate Vice President level in charge of the strategic oversight and main marketing budgets across the university
  • Brand Council – a group at the Director or Manager level in charge of creating, implementing, and evaluating marketing communications strategies
  • Web Advisory Council – a group at the Director or Manager level in charge of creating and implementing web strategies and university digital presence
  • Social Meet-up Group – a mixed group including faculty members and staff who share and update each other around changing social media platforms, expectations, and technologies. This group was instrumental to the development of the UBC social media guidelines.

UBC Trademarks

The University of British Columbia is one of Canada’s leading research universities and is consistently ranked among the top 40 in the world. In order for UBC to continue to attract and retain its students, faculty, and staff, it must take active steps to protect its reputation and identity. One way the university protects its reputation is by registering and policing its trademarks. The portfolio of UBC trademarks is managed by the Office of the University Counsel.

Visit the Office of the University Counsel’s website for a complete list of University Trademarks and for more information on trademarks at UBC.