A place of mind is the foundation of UBC’s brand and a deliberately evocative statement summarizing UBC’s brand idea.

Campus Identifier is a naming system that distinguishes the major UBC campuses, Vancouver and Okanagan. This option is for faculties and units that have offices on both campuses.

Ceremonial Crest is reserved for ceremonial use. The UBC Coat of Arms is authorized for use by the UBC Ceremonies and Events Office only.

Tagline UBC’s tagline a place of mind holds the central role in establishing and anchoring the UBC brand.

UBC Logo (the crest) recognition of the UBC logo and the colour blue is long established with key audiences.

UBC Signatures
At the core of the UBC visual identity are the university name, logo, and tagline a place of mind, which create a signature.

  • UBC Basic Signature consists of the logo and tagline a place of mind. It is used for audiences who are familiar with and/or who recognize the UBC Brand.
  • UBC Full Signature consists of the logo, tagline a place of mind and wordmark. It is the preferred version for use on all university communications, in particular major institutional and international initiatives.
  • The UBC Promotional Signature is available for promotional applications where the UBC Logo is sufficient to identify the university.
  • The UBC Brand Unit Signature is a standardized naming system and a form of unit identification for UBC faculties and units.

UBC Print Publications Bar is a modular design that allows diverse UBC publications to share a family resemblance while still maintaining the individual style of each publication.

UBC Website Common Look and Feel (CLF) is a web design framework that supports UBC’s visual identity and online reputation by providing a common look, feel, and functionality to UBC websites.

UBC Visual Identity is made up of many elements, including but not limited to its name, typeface, initials, tagline, specified colours, and logo.

UBC Visual Identity Policy is meant to guide UBC units in their use of the University’s Visual Identity.

Wordmark: The University of British Columbia wordmark is the university name.