Brand Platform

There are a number of elements that make up any brand. These are referred to as the brand platform.

The UBC Brand platform includes:

  • Tagline: a place of mind is a deliberately evocative statement summarizing UBC’s Brand idea.
  • Signature: The university name and the logo are at the core of UBC’s visual identity. The tagline a place of mind is added to create a signature.
  • Creative campaigns: A number of campaigns for regional and national audiences have featured powerful images, evoking openness and possibility.
  • Tone: Like the ideas that come from UBC, our tone is bold and fresh. Our stories consistently and unabashedly remind others of the influence that UBC’s expansive environment and refreshing openness have on how we learn, explore, and give back.

What are the values inherent in the UBC Brand?

Behind the tagline – a place of mind – are a number of attributes that make UBC distinct among the world’s universities:

  • Bold: Daring and audacious, encouraging bright minds to tackle difficult questions and take on tough challenges;
  • Open: Welcoming and supportive, providing an environment that fosters new ideas, critical thought, and innovative approaches;
  • Connected: Engaged and integrated, forging strong ties with the communities it serves locally, nationally, and internationally;
  • Adventurous: Courageous and curious, opening doors to journeys into new and unexplored territory;
  • Fun: An openness to try new things is often the most impactful when it’s fun; we are a university for students, after all. And these exceptional, global citizens go on to become engaged alumni who have told us that UBC is fun.
  • Globally Aware: Inclusive and intercultural, striving for awareness and understanding on a global scale;
  • Globally Respected: Esteemed and accomplished, ranking among the top 35 universities worldwide. A Tier One institution.